Our Amazing Team

We are a team of IBDP students @BCIS. We create applications that create convenience for our community. We aspire to utilize the knowledge and skills that we have to design more and greater products, to change more people’s lives and make life simpler for everyone. If you need any support or want to give us any feedback, please contact us at any time!

Leader Team

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Tom Shen – Application Development leader

Hower Chen – UI/UX Design & App development

Wallington Lin – Marketing & Customer Relationship

Deputy Team @BCIS Campus

Jerry Yin – Deputy Leader of Technology

Vivian Ren – Deputy Leader of Communications

Helen – Communications

Annie Zhuang – Communications

Team History

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Our Team was formed

Our team was formed because we found the issue of managing Enrichment Activities in our school was a hassle and we aspire to create an management system to improve the situation



EASLINK was released

Our first product – EASLINK was released. EASLINK is a brand new application to manage EAs at BCIS. It is the new generation of EA Center. EA Leaders and students can manage their EA in a way that have never been easier before.



Student Bulletin was released

Student bulletin is a project hoping to improve the old student bulletin system that we had @BCIS by having a native app with real-time notifications, calendar for managing events, and more.

We are introducing a new way of connecting yourself and the BCIS community. Sending and receiving notifications in BCIS have never been easier before. Student Bulletin is the most efficient notification platform that has ever been used in BCIS. 



Expanding to other institutions

We are now constantly updating our systems to make them even more powerful. We are also working on expanding our systems to other organizations outside of our school. Hoping to create convenience for a wider range of people.



Welcoming New Leaders!

We have got new leaders on our team! Our new leaders will continue to maintain our applications after our original core team graduates from BCIS. By having on-campus leaders at all times, we can provide timely responses and constant maintenance to our system. We are continuing to provide convenience for all students and teachers.