Student Bulletin

Student Bulletin

We are introducing a new way of connecting yourself and the BCIS community. Sending and receiving notifications in BCIS have never been easier before. Student Bulletin is the most efficient notification platform that has ever been used in BCIS. 

Minimum System Requirement:


iOS 13.0 and later

macOS 10.15 and later on Intel and Apple Silicon Macs.

If you have an incompatible macOS version, you can download the latest version of macOS from either the Software Update pane in System Preferences (for macOS 10.14), or from the App Store (for macOS 10.13 and older). Please make a backup before upgrading.

For more information, you should visit the docs.

Why choose us?

Imagine the Possibilities

Below are some features that our application has

Cross Plateform Compatibility

Our software is compatible with iPhone, Mac, Apple Watch and any devices with a browser installed!

Notification system

Our App client will send out push notifications and emails when a new post is posted. Making sure everyone receives the information promptly.

Post Review System

Posts that are posted to Student Bulletin has to be reviewed by your organization’s designated admin before it is viewable by the mass audience. Ensuring that the information conveyed is appropriate and correct.


Our application features a nicely organised calendar. Clearly showing the timeline of the events to everyone.

Beijing City International School currenly uses our application!

Demo Access

We have prepared a free demo version for you to have a more intuitive experience with our software.

To try our demo version, please download our app from the App Store as if you were using the full version of our software. To try the web version of the demo you can open directly in your browser. Both the web and client versions can be accessed using the username below.

There are three accounts on our demo server for you to try out.
One administrator account with the username [email protected] and two normal users with the username [email protected] and [email protected]. You can enter the passwords for these users as you wish. However, after you purchase the full version, members of your organization will need to enter their pre-set passwords to access their accounts.

If you have tried our software and found it satisfactory, you can contact us at [email protected] to purchase the full version for your organization.